just another fan ([personal profile] anon_jrpg_fangirl) wrote2015-11-23 07:40 pm

Whoops I haven't been here in over a year

I guess the good thing is that I have a job that I like and now I can buy games faster than I can play them again. Of course this is because I've fallen for PSN flash sales and the like... But I've also started preordering and importing games again too.

I'm not sure what to talk about right now. I guess I've really upped my Japanese studies and I just beat Tokyo Xanadu and I'm working on Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky First Chapter in Japanese. Actually I reread my thoughts on the game from a few years ago and I have to say that particular introduction scene to Olivier came off as less homophobic to me this time around. It could be something about not understanding the language, but it seemed like Shera calls Olivier a hedonist and Estelle just calls him a weirdo and wonders if all people in Erebonia are like that in which Joshua is like...um no... And Joshua sounded like he was saying he wasn't interested in a homosexual relationship but that one was definitely the hardest to really figure out. Either way Olivier for some reason comes off as way more flashy and I think it is fair for someone to think he is "weird".

I guess I can go back to Tokyo Xanadu and it may be the first game where I only want platonic ships. I can see ship potential for basically anyone and the main character but I just prefer friendship between all of them, especially the main duo. I'm kinda curious what types of fic will come out when the English-speaking fandom begins, though it's hard for me to gauge if there will be a big enough one or not. There's more characters and an easier world to work with in Tokyo Xanadu than in Ys games, and it's a one-off so there's no issues with slow buildup or people just holding off like with the Trails series... Speaking of Ys, I wrote a ficlet for Ys I earlier this year that I should revise and post somewhere, just so there is more fic for the first game than like Adol/Dogi porn...

I'm not sure what else to write for now, just because there are too many things I could write about. I guess that means I need to start writing here again so I don't have that problem :D

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