just another fan ([personal profile] anon_jrpg_fangirl) wrote2014-10-09 07:41 pm

I'm finally playing Tales of Xillia 2

Let's not talk about life/careers/crap for now, since I only seem to reluctantly care. Let's talk about the beginning of Tales of Xillia 2. Namely, how it really doesn't start off like any other Tales game. How it has a strange chapter system. How you have the dialogue select system. How you have the debt system.

But it is plenty Tales in the skits, the design. Jude is so freakin' Jude it's silly. He has a way of having awkward first meeting with people... And I am already headcanoning Ludger to be relatively shy, even though reticence /= shyness. I find him cuter that way. With a little bit of a stubborn/rebellious streak. That's how I plan to play him.

Still, it's only been like 2 hours of gameplay at the most, and I'm dying to play as Gaius.

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