If you've read my last few posts, you will know that I liked Ys Seven. It's my first Ys game and one of the few action RPGs I have played, so I can't give it a good comparison to others in it genre. I can comment on its plot and characters, which were solid all around.

The plot was simple and rather obvious at times, which could be annoying if you are like "stupid MC and companions, why didn't you figure this out ages ago?", but had a few twists and turns that I didn't catch. The types of characters that join your group are great; they have variety but none of them join you without having any reasons or any skills. The least experienced person to join your group has still had weapon training. For game mechanic reasons, certain characters end up inheriting each other's skills as plot makes them interchangeable, which makes things a bit of a stretch. But it was nice not to have to do skill grinding for them.

Another thing that was a bonus was the lack of romance in the plot. It is all about the adventure and immediate goals. There is a lot of love for family members and friends and bonds formed, but no romance is forced. It is a refreshing change compared to the game currently in my PSP [though that game just had some crossdressing!].

However, I guess it may be a negative that there's nothing special about the characters, their interactions, or in the plot itself. Really, the reason I was so addicted to the game was the battle system. Otherwise I don't think I would have finished the game so quickly, though I would finish it because I like to finish things. And it's a rare game when I don't actively dislike a main party member for at least a significant portion of the game (Tales games are always guilty of this for me). Overall fun times were had and I would definitely recommend this game.
Since the last time I posted, I have gone on a shopping spree. I got Ys Seven and Tactics Ogre for PSP, Wild Arms 5 for PS2, and soon Jeanne d'Arc and the Last Story will be coming in. My sister was in town playing Growlanser II when we were in my apartment (another game I need to play) and so I picked up the PSP and decided to get some action. Ys gives me just that. It is fast-paced, has nice controls and quick character switching which makes it first-person action with actual usefulness in having a party. Even if I have preference to MC Adol because he is the most versatile, I use them all.

I haven't been too much attention to the plot; story progression is pretty much linear with "invisible plot walls" and the game is throwing obvious hints about stuff but I think they don't care whether or not the hints are obvious. Silent protagonist spends a lot of time explaining things in summarized green text, which is rather annoying to break up the dialogue like that, but maybe it's a thing I just happened not to encounter as Persona 3 PSP was sort of like that though in second person.

Ys Seven is also a nice change in pace from other stuff I'm playing - it really is just adventuring and being clueless. It's refreshing to not have shipping subtext thrown in my face (Trails in the Sky), super emotional stuff (Lost Odyssey), a hopeless war situation (Covenant in the Plume), or too much ridiculousness (Kingdom Hearts 2). It's a little silly, a little sad, and just plain old fun to battle and collect shit. It has the collect the loot of Kingdom Hearts and the harvesting of Star Ocean 4. Pretty amazing system. I think I will unexpectedly finish this game before the others...well technically I've beaten Covenant of the Plume, but I'm going for all 3 official endings before moving on.


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