I'm about 20 hours into the game, so I'm guessing I'm near halfway? I'm doing this without a guide so I really don't want to know. My leveling up progress isn't as crazy as it was earlier, where I was gaining 2 levels/hour. I still get lost and manage to gain a level or two doing that. I just can't read that map...

Anyway, I feel like I've seen enough of the game to comment on its story presentation.Spoilers ahead )

For those who don't want spoilers, basically showing a lot of mini bits of plot is good, but make sure not to go overboard and show something that the party is going to see only a few hours later, or have the reveal after the party sees the scene, so the player gets the chance to piece things together him/herself.
Wild Arms 5 is the first game I've played that has a party member with my name, so of course I paid more attention to her. Nah, actually I would have paid attention to her anyway. But I'm glad she isn't some horrible character :)

Anyway, Wild Arms 5 is basically a story about a boy growing up as he acts like himself, gets into other people's business, and eventually saves the world. Well, I think so. I'm only 13 hours in.
Possible spoilers ahead )
Rebecca was clearly intended to be a love interest. But at least for Rebecca, we get a chance to see into her head via little snippets of her diary entries that the game shows you every once in a while. Instead of Rebecca just being the childhood friend who tags along and is there to fall in love with Dean, we get to actually see how she deals and struggles with her emotions and desires. Sure it's nothing original, but the whole game is not aiming to be original. It's aiming to be a feel-good adventure.

And with the rest of the game, while told in a 3rd-person POV, still centers on Dean. Dean, being dense, isn't going to focus or pick up on all the things Rebecca does. Maybe we can figure out everything about Rebecca from just the general POV, but the confirmation and perhaps the moments of focus on Rebecca highlight the fact that the developers want us to not see Rebecca as the love interest that happened to tag along, but a character worth empathizing with.


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