I finally started my Tales of Xillia replay, Milla route, in earnest. For some reason it feels like the Milla and Alvin route, though, since I don't remember seeing as many close-ups of Alvin's face last time? Whatever. Focusing on the main plot so I can get to Xillia 2. It's definitely been worth the replay so far. Even though I played this game only a year ago, I feel like I should know the plot better. It definitely feels like a slow starter, but Rowen is with me now so all is good :D

Speaking of Xillia 2, I have tried my best to not look at all the shiny Xillia 2. I do let myself see some gifs sometimes. I just feel like there will be more skits that I will enjoy in Xillia 2. I don't even care if the plot isn't as good. I just want silly character stuff. Also I can totally deal with more of everyone in love with Milla and/or Jude. My ship for ToX1 was Jude/Milla though it was nowhere close to OTP. Just a rare time when I prefer a m/f ship in a Tales game. From screenshots and stuff, I see ToX2 contributes material for all the main Jude ships, or what I assume are the Jude ships - Jude/Milla, Jude/Alvin, Jude/Gaius. And also Jude/Ludger?

I also need to get to Xillia 2 because the outfits are better. A very legitimate reason to play a game XD
The E3 press conferences happened a few days ago and expectedly the JRPG showings were very small. However, the confirmed JRPGs that are coming to the west soon, like Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Hearts R, FF Type-0, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc., all have a good number of playable or important females. Of course I can go into many reasons why Japanese RPGs love putting female party members in their casts and many of those reasons aren't because they view women as equally awesome as men (or else we'd have more female MCs), but at least they don't pull out the Assassin's Creen 4 excuse. Seriously, that was bad.

Anyway, I think of a series like Tales which has really brought some playable female characters that not only kick ass but are hella fun to play as. The healers and mages tend to be female in Tales games, but these types of characters have become more fun to use with each iteration. A magic user used to just stand around a cast spells but now he or she might shoot magical enemy out of the staff or throw knives at people or use a mechanical doll to EAT FACES. The games are also pretty fond of the female healing brawler, started by Tales of Eternia's Farah. They also have no problems giving ladies swords or heavy-hitting weapons like Tokunaga (Anise's weapon in Tales of the Abyss) or Ines' hammer (Tales of Hearts R).

Xeno games always have females who kick ass and take names, so I don't need to explain there. I'm intrigued that I can create my MC. Usually they throw a little romance of the MC with someone, so I wonder if the MC of XCX will be more detached? I hope not? I don't care if they decide the romance part could be tricky, but I still want them to be fully involved.

I have yet to reach Type-0 in my backlog, but I remember from screenshots that the protagonists are all in some sort of academy and they there seem to be equal-ish numbers of males and females judging by the number of skirts vs. pants. I'm intrigued by this PS4 remake. I certainly think character models can be upgraded. I just wonder if they'll put effort into the other problems the game supposedly had. Also, will they make Agito more than a pay your way to actually get through game?

Of course I also just played an interesting main female character in Drakengard 3. Actually all the characters are interesting in a "perverted" way, as in they are intentionally not mainstream/weird/squick-inducing. They also represent traits that real people have that aren't necessarily unhealthy. I feel like giving the game all the applause for doing that, even if the base game isn't actually that good.

I did play an hour's worth of Ar tonelico Qoga and I was not prepared for that. I'm just not in the mood for that kind of gameplay right now so I'm shelving it. Maybe because it's not accompanied by equivalent male stripping. Maybe because the voice acting so far has been absolutely atrocious. Maybe because I had more fun playing Dynasty Warriors lite with Zero in Drakengard 3, and that's not even a great system. Also the whole thing with Mute felt really transphobic and I just don't want to. Just no. Maybe the MC will pull an Estelle and I can forgive him, but right now he needs to just shut up. Tatsumi can take over, seriously.

And now I'm done with this somewhat disorganized post. I'll return hopefully soon with a post of some substance.

Slow times

Sep. 20th, 2013 10:30 am
I feel like I should post, but what's really been going on in my video gaming life? It's starting to resemble the other parts of my real life too much. Time passes quickly and not much happens. Except in Tales of Xillia, of course.

But seriously, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood continues to move like molasses, if only because the battles take so long and the creators didn't think having the characters go through a 4-area dungeon twice in a row with two different parties would be no issue. Of course the second time through you know the area better and your two different parties magically share the same inventory, but there are still a considerable number of enemies to fight in the way. I guess it's good for levels, but not great for getting the best experience for the time spent. I can't figure out just how far I am in the game. I'm already past 35 hours but I may only be halfway. And I don't feel like an incredible amount of things have happened and I haven't wandered off to do side quests, so why has it been so long?

SMT IV is moving somewhat faster, but I have cruised along because of my early wandering into a demon domain got my quite overleveled. I did spend a while lost in Shibuya not able to find a certain area because I didn't notice a staircase leading to it. I feel myself close to halfway in this game too, though at some point a difficulty spike is going to happen and I will have to spend time getting better demons instead of just picking them up and fusing whatever along the way. Money isn't as much of a problem now as it was early in the game, but it's still pretty easy to spend all of it, as equipment is always expensive.

Tales of Xillia is moving the fastest, and had quite a nice bit of scenes between Chapters 3 and 4. I'm probably halfway through that game too, but the determination quotes have started coming out a bit earlier than usual. I suppose more badass things are yet to come, and according to the Internet this game doesn't quite feel finished anyway. So I'll expect the good end in Xillia 2.


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