These past few weeks I have spent way more time watching anime than playing games, which is sad, but the reason is I'm getting excited for Sakura-con. I wish there was more JRPG representation at Sakuracon, but I will still buy anime-related things. I suppose some JRPG franchises have made it huge as animes after all, such as Persona 4. If Tales anime means I can get Tales posters, then I'm all for that! Of course, the Xenosaga animation didn't lead to amazing Xenosaga everywhere, partly because I heard it was really bad. You'd think they could have fixed up the story in the anime considering how some of the events felt just thrown together in the trilogy. Then again I'm due for a Xenosaga trilogy replay...if I could get my PS2 working...

Anyway, so I can't say I necessarily hate all brother/sister shows since I did enjoy Oreimo. It being trashy yet funny was why I ended up watching it all the way through. I am not totally against incest as I don't think you can help those types of feelings when they do happen. However, I don't understand why it seems to be everywhere. This feeling is not nearly as common as it is in anime right now. Two shows being simulcast this season on Crunchyroll, The Irregular at Magic High School and No Game, No Life, both have elements of it. Of course some of it is trolling the viewers and some of it seems real. Supposedly Sword Art Online also had some incest-ish things going on (I have not watched it yet). There were also some other stepsibling romance shows that were on Crunchyroll that I can't remember the name of.

The only JRPG I know of that has incest is Drakengard. Even so, I believe it was added to the story to be "disturbing". How much of that is a selling point is unclear in a game where there's a lady who wants to eat children and a main character who wants to murder everybody. I would think the main character who wants to murder everything would be the bigger selling point (and dragons, of course).

In Tales of Legendia, the childhood friend pair disguises themselves as "brother and sister" for a while. However, it is clearly the "brother" who thinks of his "sister" as a sister platonically and the "sister" who is in love with the "brother" but mostly accepts that a sibling-like relationship is the way it will be. Of course I can't say for sure if this stays true since I only got as far as the beginning of the Character Chapters. Therefore it's another case where brother/sister is not romanticized.

In Tales of Graces f, they try very very hard to shove Asbel/Cheria in your face (a thing that I have complained about before). However, supposedly one of the more popular pairings in fandom is Asbel/Sophie. Maybe it's a sign that fandom ships brother/sister, father/daughter or whatever the two proclaim themselves to be? Or the writers can't write a good brother/sister or father/daughter relationship? Maybe both?

Anyway, so far the major JRPG franchises have been pretty good at keeping the relationships side relatively free of squicks for most people such as incest and have done the fanservice mostly in the visuals. However if this light novel/anime/manga trend gets bigger, I wonder if a medium-sized JRPG producer (like a Compile Heart or NIS) will slip in a game with incest where it isn't considered horrible, disgusting, and/or weird.

As for why it always seems like the sister is more into the brother in all these situations is a matter for a different discussion...
Sorry for the double post today. I am at the lab for AC purposes and not for work purposes. I mean, I should be doing work but I can't get off my half-ass motivation. So, games...if only I had brought my DS with me...

Anyway, I have been playing lots of Tales of Graces f and I'm into the "f" part of the game (which wasn't included in the original Wii version) and the game's shipping dial has been turned up to 11. Well, not really that high but it is a dramatic increase and it feels like 75% of the conversations/skits deal with someone's romance or other.

But yeah, since I'll be talking about canon romances, this post will be full of spoilers. I have never been in a relationship so I may not understand exactly how they work, but there's a reason some canon romances work better than others, right?

Significant spoilers for Final Fantasy 8, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Graces f )

So to wrap up, canon romances need to establish that there is an interest in both sides of the party before declaring a happy ending between them. Character development prior to a realization can also work too if the development of interest is purposely delayed for storyline purposes. Otherwise a sudden "this is the canon romance" declaration will be looked upon with disbelieving eyes.
Warning - slightly spoilerish for Tales of Graces f.

Read more... )

Anyway, so far the gameplay has been a lot of fun. It's quite different from Vesperia with no TP anymore but CC that is used for skills that also recharges during battle. It's hard to explain and better to just figure out as the game goes. Boss battles are harder than in previous games in my opinion but they allow you to retry boss battles instead of redoing cutscenes so that's a major plus. Also there is adjustable difficulty but I haven't messed with that yet.


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