People love to proclaim that one character that would be their perfect lover, if the character existed. I'm sure I could come up with a few that would work great for me. However, so far only one character has stood out as that one character that I want to be.

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Suddenly a bit of "I want to talk about the games I've played" has hit me and thus some more quick thoughts.

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Oh, Suikoden III. There is so much I wish to do fanfic-wise with this game but I have only played it once and that was maybe 10 years ago? Which is why this following idea won't be written until I have replayed that game, because I've lost the feel for those characters.

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I decided since I wanted to post but I couldn't think of a specific topic I would just jot down some quick thoughts on characters I thought of. A-Z with the first character I think of.
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I actually finished playing FFVII: Crisis Core on Thursday and cried a bit because of the ending. Let me tell you about the game.


In the end, I recommend the game to any main game FFVII fan but probably not to someone who hasn't played the main game first. The story has much more impact if you know the main game's story and you will want to explore the world more to get the finer details. Otherwise this game is really short and the battle system is wonky. Also I think the faster pacing and compactness of this game might make the main game seem clunky and aimless at times, which could down the main game experience if the main game is played afterwards.


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