Before I get into the spoilers, my quick recommendation is YES. If you have any interest in this game, play it. Not sure the 3DS version is necessary (check up on all the details) but I have spent this whole week if not more pretty much thinking about this game and getting all the endings. It ate my soul.

Reasons not to get the game: 1) not into visual novel style 2) not into historical or supernatural 3) hate violence 4) don't care about romance games

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It's hard to think of a recommended order for tackling the character chapters. I think going into the game blind is best and just seeing whichever person you get on your first time. Probably don't do Saito's and Hijikata's chapters close to each other. I was pretty happy ending with Harada's but for some other people Hijikata's might be the most satisfying. Harada's is the happiest and Hijikata's is the meatiest and Heisuke's is the cutest (maybe). I read online somewhere while I was having issues beating Hijikata's path that some people find Saito's path the most "boring". I have to agree that it isn't the most romantic of the paths, but I love Saito so much that it was still quite satisfying.

Even though I should be shipping Saito/Chizuru so hard because I love Saito, I kind of ship Hijikata/Saito instead. Oops?
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I don't think I need to beat this game to recommend it. Plenty of other people have written good reviews of the game. I recommend it but I think it's best played with a level guide for bosses at the beginning, just so you can get a feel for how much you want to grind. But if you worry about spoilers, don't look too far ahead!
Well, I have to say doing 2 playthroughs of this game is a must, since the additional narrative is extremely good. After all, it involves my favorite character.

If you are too lazy to play through the second half in order to see Ending C and D, they are on YouTube and they are also worth watching. And then after all of that, read translations of Grimoire Nier. Because if you've done all the endings, you know about the characters but what about the world?

Many JRPGs will leave a lot of backstory on the world out of the game. The interesting part of NieR is almost all of the backstory is left out. It's a funny thing but it works with the way the protagonist sees the world. He doesn't care what the hell happens to the world. He just wants to save Yonah.

Also, SPOILER but it's kind of cool how NieR has an intersex character but it is only mentioned so we understand why she is bullied and a gay character which is confirmed by Grimoire Nier. It's so great that these traits aren't the defining characteristics of these characters. It's also sad that this is such a big deal to me and most other people, because of all the hatred directed towards these people in real life.


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