My P3P playthrough has progressed better than I expected mostly due to getting in the grinding groove quickly, so I have already made it to late November. Which means the plan is to finish off this game again sometime this weekend. Unless, of course, I have a lot more grinding left than I remember...

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the adorable, hilarious, and completely awkward around girls but has a vocal fanclub anyway Akihiko Sanada. His social link was one of the reasons why I thought a replay of P3P would be worth it; he already showed moments of "awkwardorkableness" in the male MC's storyline, but his whole social link is brimming with it. Add in a little more info from Shinjiro's social links (which are also amazing) and you make a social link that is almost perfect for me. I am very satisfied with my decision to make Akihiko my boyfriend :)

I guess it's kind of funny being able to "date" the awkwardorkable person who is usually, at least in JRPGs, the main character. The only other person in P3P that I could see Akihiko actually being romantic with is Shinjiro, and while I like my slash goggles I feel like that one is a bit of a stretch. Mitsuru is just too far up the ladder for him; if they were to get together I could only see it happening when both of them matured more. Maybe P4 Arena throws some ship bones out there for them, who knows. In reality I see Akihiko only with FMC if you decide to make it happen (either way he will develop some fondness towards the MC) or with a person we've yet to meet in the universe.

But yes, awkwardorkable. Asks you if the girls who stalk him to the beef bowl restaurant are really hungry for beef bowls. Takes you to a Sweet Shop; almost dies from the sweetness of the food. Learn from Shinjiro that Akihiko is a big crybaby but a punching crybaby. L-love? What is l-love? Glares at you? No, he's just flustered and panicking. Invites you to his room, asks you if he's weird. Suddenly embraces you in a scene too awkwardorkable that Atlus made the screen go black. Thinks you look like a knit rabbit. I can't remember all the moments, but YouTube is there for those who are more interested.

And somehow he can ask you straight out, "Will you be my girl?" I just..just can't deal XD
major spoilers )

I don't think I need to beat this game to recommend it. Plenty of other people have written good reviews of the game. I recommend it but I think it's best played with a level guide for bosses at the beginning, just so you can get a feel for how much you want to grind. But if you worry about spoilers, don't look too far ahead!


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