Well, I have to say doing 2 playthroughs of this game is a must, since the additional narrative is extremely good. After all, it involves my favorite character.

If you are too lazy to play through the second half in order to see Ending C and D, they are on YouTube and they are also worth watching. And then after all of that, read translations of Grimoire Nier. Because if you've done all the endings, you know about the characters but what about the world?

Many JRPGs will leave a lot of backstory on the world out of the game. The interesting part of NieR is almost all of the backstory is left out. It's a funny thing but it works with the way the protagonist sees the world. He doesn't care what the hell happens to the world. He just wants to save Yonah.

Also, SPOILER but it's kind of cool how NieR has an intersex character but it is only mentioned so we understand why she is bullied and a gay character which is confirmed by Grimoire Nier. It's so great that these traits aren't the defining characteristics of these characters. It's also sad that this is such a big deal to me and most other people, because of all the hatred directed towards these people in real life.
I just finished up my first playthrough of NIER and I enjoyed almost every moment of it. So what does it do right?

NIER works like a charm. The main characters all endear themselves to you in one way or another. The main character will do anything for his daughter but also enjoys being a errand man, but he doesn't give everybody a free pass. Kainé will take no shit but understands and appreciates good relationships. Emil wants to do his best, to not be a burden, and shows the most pure and kind heart. Weiss is eager to dish out the insults and yet gets caught a few times being more ignorant than he hoped to be. Their banter when you unlock sidequests is the main reason why I tried to do so many of them. The NPCs are the source of these quests and they are quite a varied and lively bunch of people.

The world is small and the game is short if you don't do any sidequests, but there's enough to feel full. The first part is shorter than the second part, which is good because the first part reaches a very important climax and it just seems right that it would be more than halfway if this game was a book. You want to get to the end and the end has some really interesting boss fights and I shed some tears. And that very first ending is too short, but this game wants you to replay it. Frankly too many questions are unanswered and I hope I get a better clue about it, but at the same time enough answers are given to feel satisfied for now.

And a special bonus is the amazing music for this game. Just so beautiful, I love it so much.

Do I recommend this game? Hell yes. Do I think you are a bad person if you for some reason hate this game? Well, maybe. I can only see you hating the controls which can be a bit clunky. Do I think you have to play this game or else? No. But play it anyway.


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