Slow times

Sep. 20th, 2013 10:30 am
I feel like I should post, but what's really been going on in my video gaming life? It's starting to resemble the other parts of my real life too much. Time passes quickly and not much happens. Except in Tales of Xillia, of course.

But seriously, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood continues to move like molasses, if only because the battles take so long and the creators didn't think having the characters go through a 4-area dungeon twice in a row with two different parties would be no issue. Of course the second time through you know the area better and your two different parties magically share the same inventory, but there are still a considerable number of enemies to fight in the way. I guess it's good for levels, but not great for getting the best experience for the time spent. I can't figure out just how far I am in the game. I'm already past 35 hours but I may only be halfway. And I don't feel like an incredible amount of things have happened and I haven't wandered off to do side quests, so why has it been so long?

SMT IV is moving somewhat faster, but I have cruised along because of my early wandering into a demon domain got my quite overleveled. I did spend a while lost in Shibuya not able to find a certain area because I didn't notice a staircase leading to it. I feel myself close to halfway in this game too, though at some point a difficulty spike is going to happen and I will have to spend time getting better demons instead of just picking them up and fusing whatever along the way. Money isn't as much of a problem now as it was early in the game, but it's still pretty easy to spend all of it, as equipment is always expensive.

Tales of Xillia is moving the fastest, and had quite a nice bit of scenes between Chapters 3 and 4. I'm probably halfway through that game too, but the determination quotes have started coming out a bit earlier than usual. I suppose more badass things are yet to come, and according to the Internet this game doesn't quite feel finished anyway. So I'll expect the good end in Xillia 2.
So recently I started up Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. It's okay so far as my first foray into the Arc the Lad series. I don't have much material to talk about.

Except, well Darc's voice. There is something ridiculous about it and thus I can't take him seriously.

Meanwhile I have been also playing Magna Carta, which has other issues besides voice-acting but the voice-acting is quite bad. It doesn't help that the way the cutscenes were designed, the voice-acted lines are given in interrupted chunks, making it even more unnatural sounding than usual.

Voice acting in JRPGs has become a topic for some gaming bloggers and seems to be a turnoff for many people. I personally find it pretty tolerable, unless the voice actor is making a voice that I cannot stand. Usually that is combined with a character type I can't stand, so I just hate on the character.

I do find it funny when these voice-acting bashers bring up the idea that FFVII would be ruined by voice-acting. As if the weird polygon people and the existing translation wasn't a turnoff. Even with bad voice-acting they would have fallen in love with the story. It seems like people like to find the one reason that turns people away from games like JRPGs, but it's clearly more than one thing that will turn people away, and voice-acting isn't all of it.

Sometimes voice-acting, even bad voice-acting, can enhance an experience as it makes it more fun for me. However, if a moment is supposed to be taken seriously, then it's probably not a good sign that I'm laughing. Like the voice acting in Wild Arms 5 made me laugh but the game was supposed to be funny. Meanwhile Darc is supposed to be going through a powerful moment and I'm like "your voice is just so ridiculous I cannot even".

And because I will slip in Xenoblade into everything relevant, the voice acting in that game is pretty good. I hear it is even better in The Last Story, so I guess it might be something to look forward to when I get to that :)


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