Okay, lame post title, but I managed to get quite a bit farther in Lost Odyssey over this weekend and yesterday, and a huge load of plot was dumped on me. I am rushing to finish this game because my brother wants to exchange the XBOX360 I have with his Wii in November, so I need to finish this and Nier before then.

Spoilers ahead for Disc 3 )

I don't know what else to say. In summary, this game is so good because of its characters and how "real" they are. It may not be my favorite game in the end, but it's a damn good experience.
minor spoilers for LoH:TitS )

In other news, I'm a little further in Lost Odyssey as well and the queen Ming has one weird outfit. I know JRPGs try to put the sexy and the colorful together, but seriously she's in a leotard with a higher upper cape that stops waist-level and this low cape thing that starts around her buttcrack area and then armor-plate leg wear that is super thick around her thighs then skin-tight at her lower body. Like a dress with some midriff cutouts would make hella more sense and be just as "sexy". The sad thing is this outfit makes her so ridiculous that I can't take her seriously. I've only gotten so far as to meet her so I don't know her character well at all, but the distraction...


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