Odin Sphere will be the main focus, once it comes in. Otherwise I am in the middle of a few things including

Tales of Zestiria. About 10 hours in. Like all the characters so far. Not that into the plot, though.

Trails in the Sky SC. Playing the Evo version and currently in Chapter 8. I plan to beat it before the 3rd Evo makes it here. Really good addition to FC, unbalanced as a standalone though.

Project X Zone 2. I'm on Chapter 34 right now? Exactly what I expected. I'll be continuing to play through slowly.

On Fridays I've been playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I just keep dying in Binding Blade Chapter 14. I miss having an easy mode. Thus, Shadow Dragon for now...

I'm also going to give a few hours for replaying games. I just got into Phase 2 of Ar tonelico (Misha's path again, I can't help it, though I never got her 2nd ending) and I started Chapter 2 of Tokyo Xanadu. Also, a tree just burned in Suikoden.
This year I went to Japan in September and really gave myself a backlog because I bought 21 games... So December will hopefully be the month of making a dent into my backlog so it doesn't seem ridiculous. I might as well list what I might potentially finish instead of a set list, because the set list will probably not stick.

Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X. I just need to get my PSP working again and I can finish this game in like 5 or 10 hours. I'm at the third to last dungeon I think.

White Knight Chronicles. I have just the last dungeon to do. I actually don't really like the battle system in the game but what makes it more annoying is how there are just so many monsters on the screen that you have to deal with getting from plot point to plot point. I put on some Spanish subtitles and it was good Spanish practice.

Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy. I've gotten to 8-star missions so I should be getting close to the end. However the game has gotten more and more dungeon crawling with little direction and plot points less close together, so I can't really estimate how long it will take to finish.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Story-wise I believe I have two dungeons left, but the game is being annoying right now about status effects. Plus I still haven't decided if I'm going to go after the true ending here or not. I might do some grinding for souls & money while listening to podcasts or something before making the final push.

Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. I'm at Chapter 12 Gaiden so I am just under halfway through the game. I'm following a guide so I can get the true ending. Like it so far; Lilina with Roy as her support is pretty awesome.

Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution aka the vita enhanced version of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky First Chapter. I've made it to Chapter 2 now. I know what to do, mostly, but I also want to get all the bonuses from Bracer Ranks I can to import into SC.

DRRR!! Relay - This is the vita-exclusive sequel to DRRR!! Alley, text adventure games based on the DRRR!! series. I can't tell how long this second game is but I am enjoying it so far.

Atelier Eilie - Atelier games are addictive and in this game you can really eat up days. Like one place I've unlocked so far takes 20 days just to get to! In one sitting I went almost an entire year and the game is about 4 years unless I manage to be good enough to get an extension. In a review I read there are 13 possible endings! I guess that's a good tradeoff for a game that has short time limits but too many possible ways to get around.

Speaking of Atelier, I'm probably going to make a decent dent into Atelier Ayesha Plus which I just got on a sale recently, since I have Escha & Logy Plus on preorder. I just started the Atelier craze this year and for some reason I'm not sick of them at all. Rorona Plus was amazingly fun for me, while Lise was a mixed bag mostly due to the battle mechanics.

The only new game I plan to play in December is Xenoblade Chronicles X. I heard the story isn't as good in this game as the previous and the characters not as charming either, but I still want to pilot around New Los Angeles (or whatever) in a giant robot. I'm sure there will still be some classic Xeno moments in the game. It's too bad it can't be as good as Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenosaga, but it was probably someone trying to play the story too safe...
So a few weeks ago I was pretty excited about going back to Michigan to see my parents and my aunts who will be visiting for two of the three weeks I am there. Then about 2 weeks ago over Skype my parents were not only worried that this video game testing job was a scam (even after I visited their office and saw legit news postings on them) but that I should move back to Michigan where I would be working like I would magically have a job there or something that I couldn't find here in Seattle. Then they yelled at my sister during the same phone call when she told them she finally got a job. I just don't understand. Also I'm very worried that the last week with my parents might turn ugly. I'm pretty much not telling them anything about this video game testing job now and focusing on my failure to get into the pharmaceutical industry. Somehow that makes them happier though they rather I started med school right now, like I could turn back time and have figured this all out by now. They do not understand that I would have had to apply for med school last fall to enroll this fall...

But yeah, since I'm away from my apartment for 3 weeks, I'll be gaming on portables and on my phone. I found some free otome & BL games to play and figured out which ones I can actually play for free and which ones only have a free intro. Playing them in Japanese since I should keep working on them. I also started up Bravely Default in German to up my German vocab lists, but it's pretty ugh to play it again after only a few months. New Game+ makes it a lot more bearable though, so I can just pump up my word lists instead of caring about tactics.

I haven't decided if I'm taking my Vita (leaning towards no), so my other 3DS/DS games I'll take include SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, where I'm at Day 5, 7th Dragon, Tokimeki Girls Side, and Chrono Trigger. Taking SD card-sized games is not a heavy burden after all. Someone on Suikoden Day found that if she got the main character of Tokimeki GS1 to join the brass band, they play a Suikoden song during the culture festival. I pretty much need to replay the game for that. I mean, I guess I could try harder to date the boys, but after learning I needed to touch the screen a lot with my stylus to get hearts, I'm kind of weirded out to be honest...

At least Tales of Xillia 2 has come in (finally), so I will have a Tales of Xillia-filled future to look forward to.
I'm not sure why I continue to wake up around 6:30 AM but it gives me time for gaming in the morning. That means I should have a pretty productive gaming month which is hopefully dampened a bit because I get a job and not for any other reason. If I'm honest I could always wait another month before working, except eventually I will run out of money. But mostly, I just hate my parents being on my case still and well, the longer I am unemployed the worse it looks.

Anyway, the focus game of August is Resonance of Fate. I'll be starting that game later today. I plan to finish it sooner than later because I have yet to replay Tales of Xillia and I also want to do that before Tales of Xillia 2 comes. Which will probably be September for me since I am using free shipping off Amazon.

That means Ar tonelico 3 is on hold for now. Aoto at least has moved past his awful statements about Mute and appears to fully recognize Mute with female pronouns. Thank god. It's still not a game with a good cast, though.

I plan to finish Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance in the next few days. Doing a battle or two a day will take me to the finish early next week. I'm obsessed with keeping everyone alive, so sometimes a chapter takes like half a day. I'm still not the most careful person...

This is what will be loaded in the rest of my systems, though I am not sure just how much progress I'll make in any of them this month.

GBA - Breath of Fire
DS - Suikoden Tierkreis Spanish. I really should just finish this playthrough and move on to 7th Dragon or Chrono Trigger
3DS - SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked
PSP - Frontier Gate. Pretty bare-minimum plot from what I can see. Good for late night relaxing.
Vita - Tales of Hearts R. Putting VLR back on hold. I do like VLR except I don't like making Ambidex Game choices that I don't want to make, except it's necessary in order to get the full story. Plus, I need to add more words to my Japanese flashcard deck.
Xbox360 - Magna Carta 2
Emulators - Wild ARMs 2 and Xenosaga
PC - Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World

According to my backloggery, I have beaten 107 games and have 62 in my backlog. I'm feeling pretty good about being able to reduce the size of my backlog. Of course, it's a lot larger if I started to count games I want to play and still do not own. But the next goal of <50 games in my owned backlog is getting closer, one beaten game at a time :)
Well, I'm still unemployed so I wish that meant more gaming/day, but I'm still pretty stressed about this job stuff and potential career changing. At least I should be better this month with sports distractions mostly done (like World Cup).

Hopefully this month I get back to some things that have sort of been pushed aside, like the Xenosaga replay, Wild ARMs 2, and Pandora's Tower. I also want to replay Tales of Xillia with Milla's path this month in preparation for Tales of Xillia 2 which comes out next month! I haven't really picked up new games this year and I am REALLY EXCITED about that one.

Anyway, I bought my first game off of PSN on Friday - The Legend of Dragoon (PSOne Classic). I spent at least an hour trying to download it from my PS3 to my PSP with no luck. Well, it's okay for the big screen but with PS1 animations battles end up taking their time. I'll probably want to load up on podcasts or things to do while playing it. I plan to finish this game this month, while the others I'm not sure about.

I've gotten back into Virtue's Last Reward so I might actually go for all the endings in a timely manner. Or I might get sidetracked. I got a second ending a few days ago. Working on the middle branches at the moment.

On my 3DS I am playing SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked. I'm enjoying it so far. Definitely playing through it because of the story/mystery. The battle system is decent. I probably still prefer Persona 3/4 over it though I am early on in the game still. I certainly think the balance is way better than what I got from SMT IV. So yeah, definitely enjoying it more than that.

On my PSP I finished off Shining Ark so now I started Frontier Gate. I picked this one up for 500 Yen so I'm not worried about wasting my money. So far I have only designed my character (purple-haired female because I could and because green wasn't looking right with the face/skin I chose) and done the first quest. I think the game is supposed to be fulfilling quests and eventually "carving out a future" or something. Nothing special about it so far so I'll probably take it slow.

I'm still somewhat playing Ar Tonelico 3 even though Aoto likes to say offensive things and the battle system is kinda of lame since I still love Cosmosphere stuff. I don't know if I'm overlooking stuff because it's from Japanese video game developers and I don't think they are trying to be particularly malicious with the transphobia and heavy gender stereotyping of Aoto, but it makes me wary of the next Ar game. Also I don't know if this crap gets into the Atelier series too but I really hope it doesn't since the games otherwise look good to me.

Finally I just restarted my playthrough of Magna Carta 2. Well, I barely got anywhere the first time so I decided that I could replay 2 hours of stuff. It's supposed to be way better than Magna Carta 1 and I like the characters so far. The annoyances I had with MC1 took a while to really feel them, so I hope to not have the same experience this time. Battle system being faster/more involved is a good start at least.

Wow, long post is long. When I stop being lazy, I'll write something more than gaming updates.
I keep saying that I'll post on something like character designs or game impressions or something, but instead I keep doing that somewhere else and instead just give you monthly updates on what I'm playing. I guess that's better than forgetting to post altogether...

In June I plan to finally tackle Radiant Historia. As in play the actual game myself. I think it's been long enough since I watched an LP of it that I can not get distracted so early on, though I will still know spoilers. I've learned to trust in Atlus to rerelease rarer games now, so I don't plan to watch an LP because I don't think I can afford the game later anymore.

I just finished 999 yesterday (all endings!) so I'll be starting Virtue's Last Reward on my Vita probably later today. I'm putting Tales of Hearts R on hold since I'm still working on Drakengard 3 (why did I spend my money on upgrading weapons I didn't use instead of buying all the weapons? All that money I need to get before Branch D...) The controls are pretty much opposite from each other so I'm going to prioritize Drakengard 3 for now.

I finally restarted my playthrough of Wild ARMs 2. It's still not bad but not good. I just don't care for the main cast. It's probably among some of my least favorite casts in JRPGs, since I usually find someone I like.

I took a small break from my Xenosaga replay but I'll be going back to it. I'm really loving the game though I forgot just how many cutscenes there are! It looks pretty good on my emulator too, and I get to take advantage of save states :)

On my PSP I have Shining Ark. I'm using it for Japanese practice and the game is so far really easy. It also has a lot of mindless quests/events to get through before actual stuff happens, which kind of reminds me of Atelier Iris 3 or Shining Hearts. Except the main plot points don't seem to have a point yet? I'm glad I only got this game for 500 yen because it looked way better on Siliconera articles than in reality.

I want to get back to Magna Carta 2 but I probably won't have too much time for it this month. Still, it's more interesting than Infinite Undiscovery, so it's my Xbox360 game of the moment.

Finally I was going to play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance since I borrowed my brother's copy of it. However when he gave me the Wii he forgot to give me a GameCube memory card. Being the busy person he is I don't know when I'll next visit him, but I figured I should save that money and put it towards Child of Light when it comes out on Vita in July.
April went by pretty fast for me, considering I am unemployed and all. It's nice to not do a ton each day, but at the same time, I didn't do much. Therefore my backlog is still pretty big. I at least finished Bravely Default, including all the blue exclamation points. I'll leave talking about that game to another post.

Anyway I think my PS2 won't be reading anything soon, which really bums me out since I was really getting into Ar tonelico 2. That game has one active battle system and I was just getting better at the timing. By the time I get back to it, I'll probably have to retrain myself completely. Oh well... As for the other systems, I should get back to my other console games, but I've been watching too much anime instead. If I get back to the consoles I have:

PS3 - Ni No Kuni. Fighting the AI more than the enemies. The game isn't hard otherwise. As for the plot, it feels both unnecessarily chatty as well as kind of questy. I'm just really not into this game, so who knows how much I will get done this month.
Wii - I failed to replay The Last Story, so I really should get back to Pandora's Tower. Or I could use my Wii to play some Gamecube games like Skies of Arcadia. Hmm...
Xbox360 - I am supposed to get through Infinite Undiscovery at some point? But Magna Carta 2 looks more appealing. Hmm...

I'll probably be more successful gaming on my handhelds, where I am probably doing my best progressing through Sol Trigger. It looks like I moved on to part 2 of a game which would otherwise have been on the short side (20 hours for the first part for me, which would probably mean 10-15 without the dictionary). I also have

3DS - using the DS reading ability to play 999. My only non-beaten 3DS game is Devil Survivor Overclocked, which will come after I get the other 5 endings of 999.
DS - continuing my Spanish replay of Suikoden Tierkreis. I had totally forgotten about the snowy village of Tenoh which is on the way to the Porpos-kin. My memory of this game is worse than I thought.
Vita - slowly working through Tales of Hearts R. I feel like taking my time in it for some reason. Not because it's bad, but I have spent my 30'-hour Japanese gaming mostly on Sol Trigger. Once I beat Sol Trigger I'll probably concentrate on Tales of Hearts R. At least I have made it far enough to have 5 people in my party. I'm sure there will be more, as it feels too early in the game for recruiting to have stopped.

But yeah, I think I'm due for a post on character fashion again. Gotta discuss those outfits in Bravely Default and Sol Trigger!
My posts have been kind of boring, so sorry about that. I guess I could go on a rant on how Gust is such a tease and never officially gets any of their battle couples together in the Atelier Iris trilogy, but it probably just be frustration in all caps. Maybe I'll think of something later.

Anyway, Happy April everyone! In a few weeks I'm going to Sakuracon so there's some anime I should probably watch before then (like Attack on Titan), but I'll probably put off watching the show some more with some gaming. Now that I've already conquered the Atelier Iris trilogy, my life will have less Gust. However, I'll be diving into Ar tonelico 2 some more, and other things like:

PS3 - Ni No Kuni. I can't stand the protagonist but probably because I don't really like child protagonists. Drippy is okay but talks too much.
PSP - Sol Trigger. Slowly. I don't really understand everything, but it certainly has a cool world and story, which would be cooler if I understood it.
PSVita - Tales of Hearts R. Also slowly. Shing (no idea what they officially romanized his name to) shares most of the traits with Asbel, but he feels more cheerful and also more sheltered. Hisui is pretty cool and Veril's tsundere-ness is not annoying yet. I'm a little worried though. I know it's a shoddy remake but the story so far is pretty good and the battle system controls are way better than Tales of Innocence R's.
PS2 - Besides Ar tonelico 2, I want to continue in Ar tonelico 1 to as many other endings I can get. However, my PS2 and this game's disc haven't gotten along so who knows. I might try again with Tales of Legendia, but that disc isn't being read either at the moment.

Wii - The Last Story. I'm going to be replaying it on New Game +. It'll probably be a relatively quick run.
3DS - Bravely Default. I'm nearing the end of Bravely Default, but doing all the side stuff gives much better characters/story than the main plot and some fun side battles. I'm also interested in using it for German practice, but I also now have Devil Survivor Overclocked to play.
DS - Suikoden Tierkreis replay in Spanish is still happening. It appears to be Latin America slang when slang occurs, which is understandable being a NA copy of the game. Though I had no idea that "churro" could also refer to a type of sheep.

Unlikely but also
PSX - Wild ARMs 2. The dungeons are fine, but the rest isn't very inspiring to me. It doesn't suffer from things not happening or happening too slowly, but I don't care.
GBA - Breath of Fire. I think I need to find a FAQ. I am wandering around with Nina and her guards and I haven't figured out what to do next.
I just have to turn in some forms and upload my .pdf and wait for the graduate school to officially give me a degree, but I am pretty much an official Ph.D. now. Phew! Now on to games.

I'm going to be taking this month relatively easy though I will be job searching and working on some paper drafts, but it won't be with nearly the same amount of stress as the dissertation. I think my professor knows that once the graduation part finished things would turn out that way. My income from him ends this month anyway. Then I have to not spend all the money I got from selling mutual funds...

Anyway, I'm once again playing a bunch of different games, partly due to the fact that my PS2 doesn't always cooperate (to be honest I probably should buy a new one, but I can still get this one to work sometimes so I've been putting it off). I really want to focus on finishing Ar tonelico but my PS2 may not cooperate. Therefore I have a lot of other games in rotation including

PS2 - Drakengard (struggling majorly through it - stupid camera!) and Atelier Iris 3
PS3 - Ni No Kuni (as I just finished Valkyria Chronicles!)
PS1/emulator - Wild ARMs 2. When I remember to do so.
PSP - Sol Trigger (put aside Hana Ki Sou for now)
Vita - Tales of Hearts R. Mostly playing it a little bit each weekend.
3DS - Bravely Default - though mostly just battling and not really progressing quickly
DS - Suikoden Tierkreis replay in Spanish. Learning some new expressions as I already know the plot pretty well from a previous English run.
GBA - Breath of Fire? Kind of playing it, kind of not. Don't remember what I need to do.
Wii - Pandora's Tower. I really should get back to it.

So yeah, a lot of stuff but mostly PS2 and PS3 time for me at the moment. I'm not really into any of the games except for Ar tonelico (near the beginning of so many of the others so it's no surprise I'm not into them yet), but as I said, my PS2 and Ar tonelico don't get along that often. I'd like to finish at least one of these things by the end of the month. If I had better skills I could probably finish Drakengard (at least getting one of the endings) in a day as it's supposedly a 15 hour game, but I just HATE that camera so much. I die so often because of that stupid thing!

I've done a pretty good job on my backlog this year as I've only bought 2 games so far, but to be honest I still rather have the opposite problem aka the expanding backlog. Well, hopefully I figure out the money situation and then I can start buying the games again. A lot of interesting stuff came out recently or will come out soon, and I don't even feel comfortable preordering any games until right before release because I don't know where I'll be even in a month (if things go that fast). Drakengard 3 is my next planned preorder but the closer the release comes, the more I think I'll just buy it digitally. I need some Zero in my life :D
I went to Japan in December, bought a lot of games and doujins, and have been playing two of those games right now: Tales of Innocence R and Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's 1st Love Plus. The Japanese isn't as hard as it is in Suikoden Tsumu, with Tokimeki being easier since it's more daily conversation material and a bit more repetitive as well. I'm enjoying both of them right now. Innocence is fun but from what I can tell of the plot, it's not better than any of the Tales games that did make it over to the U.S. except maybe Destiny. Then again, I haven't finished Legendia so maybe it could be better than that?

Tokimeki has been great fun and the experience is more like a simulator with most weeks you deciding what stat to grind (by playing sports, studying, reading mags, etc.). You schedule dates by calling one of the boys whose phone numbers you have but even if the boy isn't free it still takes up one of your free days (thus I always save before I make a call and reload if it doesn't work out). I've gotten close enough to the basketball player that he will invite me out sometimes, which is nice. I think the default? choice is the model student and my little brother (who keeps track of your relationship statuses) gives me warnings when model student is starting to get angry with me. Mostly because I don't care to hang out with him lol. But yeah, the language is relatively easy and I see a bunch of replay value in it. I'll probably finish my first run soon.

Anyway, with the start of a new year I'm participating in another RPG-marathon, though not in all the months this time. For January, the marathon game is Chrono Cross so I'll participate once I return to my apartment. I'm due for a replay anyway; I think it was 2002 or so when I last messed around in it. Otherwise I'll just chug along with my current games, try to get further in Suikoden Tsumu, and wait for Bravely Default in February.
October went by really quickly. I've barely been around here (busy doing lab/school stuff) and in the last part of the month I tried to work my ass off to get dissertation chapter drafts finished. It didn't happen. At least my professor isn't mad; he kind of predicted this already at the beginning of the quarter but it was good to set a goal. I have some breathing room but I still have a goal to finish the drafts by the end of the quarter.

Gaming-wise, my Disgaea playthrough fell off the map after I got suckered into Hakuoki and then I got really into sports manga. At least I still managed some gaming, beating SMT IV finally on the chaos route and also gloriously indulging in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in the last few days because it was my birthday and Halloween. I only have like 6 more games or so that I need to play? I want them all but I shouldn't spend the money yet... Edgeworth is ridiculously attractive gah...

Now that it is November, I am back to doing Suikoden replays and did a few hours of Suikoden V yesterday. Otherwise I am slowly working through Suikoden PSP and once in a while playing Muramasa (just have a few blades and the last set of endings) or Dragon Quest IX. I plan to get back into The Last Story and finish it sometime, so maybe on weekends I'll do that? Really, the only main thing is Suikoden V before I head off to Japan in December.

I'm worried about when Ys is coming out so I think I'll have to send that one to my parents' house. I really don't want it stuck in my held mail for who knows how long...
I got decently distracted by Hakuoki 3DS and just life in general. Saito <3 My personal rankings of the romanceable men so far are Saito, Okita, Hijikata, Toudou, Harada. I like Harada but more as Nagakura's bro. Surprised Nagakura is not a choice.

Anyway, this month's focus is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I managed to finish off Ys Oath, Tales of Xillia, and Atelier Iris 2 right at the end of September, so my backlog is in somewhat better shape. I'm a little farther in SMT 4 but my enthusiasm for that game comes in waves. I got my money's worth, I think, and I think the world stuff is cool, but those companions...

Not much else planned for the month. I'll be trying to do more work so it'll mostly be Disgaea and Hakuoki, though I hope to play a bit more of Suikoden PSP and The Last Story.
This weekend I'm hitting up PAX, so I've been thinking about games when I don't feel guilty for not doing anything productive in my job search. The guilt means I will be cutting out at least two days/week from gaming schedule to work on applications, mope, etc. Maybe more if I am getting really screwed on my dissertation progress (which is not so great at the moment...).

If I was following along with the RPGamer marathon, September would be X-men Legends. I have interest in the game, but I have so many games in progress that I really should finish some off. Wednesdays will probably be Tales of Xillia until I finish that and then back to Valkyria Chronicles. The PS2 game will probably be Magna Carta (I really, really should finish it), and when my PS2 is being finicky, I can load up The Last Story. I have Ys 3 on the PSP as well as Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki which I have been playing on Sunday mornings. I'll keep it like that for a bit longer.

As for new games, I did preorder Hakuoki for the 3DS so I'll dive into that when it comes in (ordered via Amazon so it'll be a week late). I should get further in SMT IV but for some reason I just rather play my console games. I use the Vita to browse the internet while I'm in bed instead of playing games with it... That'll definitely change when Ys IV arrives, whenever that does...

So tldr September is a "finish off games and get myself to do some other things" month. Let's hope those things actually happen.
So I haven't been around here much. I have a lot I could talk about but too much laziness to do anything about it. Gaming plans I can talk about though.

This month the focus is Wild ARMs 3. I hear it is a long game so I will probably put some hours into it every day. So far so good, though I was also pretty tired yesterday. Main lead is a female who takes the place of naive 18-year-old boys of most other JRPGs. I really hope I continue to like her and the rest of the game.

Otherwise, I'll probably get distracted from my slow playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles when Tales of Xillia arrives, and if I'm up for "I don't exactly know what I'm doing but I somehow progress" then I'll get farther in The Last Story. That game is ridiculous with chapters. I'm in Chapter 22 and it's only been 8 hours. Some chapters have been super short and the game has been pretty narrator-heavy, but I'll save my thoughts on that for another post.

I have SMT IV for the 3DS but I haven't really been doing more than walking around with it. I haven't gotten addicted to the game and I probably won't have too much time for it.

I hope to play some Ys Oath this month and continue my slow trek through Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. I may play a little bit of Lufia: Ruins of Lore. I am quite close to the end but though the game's story has improved since the beginning, it's still so bare bones and the battle system sucks and I'm probably going to walkthrough it to the end and get it over with someday...
It's too hot at home so I went to the lab early and have proceeded to waste all my time so far browsing the internet. Go me!

Anyway July is Covenant month. I am pumped for the Shadow Hearts sequel. I will definitely get to that tonight.

Otherwise, I plan to play lots of Project X Zone and Muramasa when those games come in. I may continue to play a bit of Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki on the weekends. The story seems fine enough but maybe due to the language barrier I feel like it has less charm than Suikoden Tierkreis and if it's not going to be a main series Suikoden I want the Suikoden charm at least. It's still better than Shining Hearts but I am lacking a lot of important vocabulary so I spend plenty of time with the dictionary as well.

On weekends I hope to continue with Tales of Graces f as well. I finished the part that was in the Wii version and have moved on to Lineages and Legacies. The plot may be meh in this part but the character interactions are wonderful. I really can't say too much because it would be one big spoiler. I still have barely managed to get costumes. I don't really care that much but it's just that I did talk to most of the townspeople I think and fulfilled quite a few sidequests. I earned quite a few titles that way but none of them led to costumes...

Lufia: Ruins of Lore is still a drag but I'll probably manage a few more hours with that this month. And if I have more Fire Emblem urges I'll continue on with Ephraim's path in Sacred Stones (currently in Chapter 13). I think my shiny new games will be sufficient distraction.

SMT IV will be coming in later this month as well, but I don't think I'll touch that one this month or any time soon, unless I magically finish Project X Zone and Muramasa even with my focus on Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Oh wait, I will also be playing Suikoden IV this month. I'll probably finish it this month since it's like a 20 hours game.

And thus concludes my unorganized gaming plan list :)
The past few days I have put some good hours into Dark Cloud 2 and have reached Chapter 5. Chapter 4 only took 6 hours for me so I may be able to beat this game in less than 60 after all. I am a bit overpowered because I like to fight all the enemies and level up my weapons. The music for the game is nice and there's something very rhythmic about the whole thing...

I've gotten to the good part of Suikoden III. I mean, anytime I control Geddoe is a good time but the main antagonist is finally going all out. Also Aila and Jacques are just too cute, especially Jacques.

Anyway, my gaming plans for the rest of the year were looking pretty good and my brain was already mulling over general plans for next year when Amazon sent me a notice that Ys: Memories of Celceta is actually coming in the end of November. This made me a bit sad considering an Ys IV trailer came out and the game looks GOOD. Also, "X" is supposedly coming out in 2014, so I may have to buy a Wii U sooner than later. I can't resist the X goodness!

It doesn't help that I keep listening to Xenoblade music on my mp3 player while I do work. I want to replay Xenoblade, but my backlog is already dragging me down...

In other news, I decided to stop writing out the script as I played along in Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, but just when I did so I think I missed something important and I'm a bit confused as to what just happened. Figures... To be honest, I'm not so devastated since nothing about the game yet has really pulled me into it. It's been very dialogue-heavy and me trying to puzzle out the dialogue. And the main character and his friend talk a lot! Has more of a Tierkreis feel than a main series feel because of that (and many other things, I'm sure). It just starts to feel a bit unnecessary...
...They are 10 days late :)

Anyway, I have already made decent progress in my games for June. Well, there are three main games for June and many other random games. The main games are Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts, and Suikoden III.

So far, so good in all of them. I have reached Chapter 5 of Suikoden 3 already and this time around I picked Chris to be the Flame Champion. I had forgotten how short Chapter 4 is, which is really just plot battles and Jimba. I better make sure to recruit everyone that's not automatic sooner rather than later, or I might end up missing some stars... And then maybe after I finish I'll mess around a bit more in the game so I can finally get to work on that Louis/Rody fic...

Yeah right, my backlog is too huge. If I finish off Suikoden 3 early, I have more hours to put into Dark Cloud 2. Boy will I need lots of hours for that game. Almost 18 hours in and still in Chapter 3 out of 8. Each chapter seems to take more and more time to complete. I was hoping to finish the game in 60 hours but I think I may need 80...

Finally, the last main game of this month is Shadow Hearts. I'm 12 hours in and definitely significantly far in the story. Howlongtobeat says that it's about a 25 hour game and I think I'll be close to that number. The only reason why I haven't played more hours yet is that the game feels like an evening/night-time game. I feel weird playing it with the sun still out, but I need to be semi-awake to play the game because of the Judgement Ring. I did start as early as 6 PM yesterday and that definitely felt weird.

Between this update and the last update, I beat The World Ends With You. The main game is pretty short but there is still lots to discover with New Game Plus. I think I'll write up a separate post with my overall impression/review of that game at some point. I think I'm behind on those things, though...

Oh yeah, I also finished off Ys II. Well worth it if you have played Ys I. A lot more fun than Ys I as well. Ys Oath is next of my Ys list.

In other news, I bought a Vita and Persona 4 Golden recently. More like I realized my preorders will charge me in July, so I decided to buy the Vita in June instead. I don't really have time to play P4G or else I'd be using the Vita. Most likely I'll put time into the Vita when Muramasa Rebirth comes in, and then play Ys IV on it, and then late this year start on P4G. The Vita is definitely very pretty and shiny, so I would use it more if I could just put my UMDs in it!
Happy May! It's already a week in but my plans are still a bit flexible. Will be going to a convention around Memorial Day weekend but otherwise I will have lots of time to game or do other things. I even wrote a little bit of fanfiction this weekend. It was weird :)

Anyway, I'm still following the RPGamer marathon so May is Persona 3 month. I only have the portable version so I am playing as the female protagonist this time. Surprisingly I have put in almost 25 hours in 6 days. Since I've made it to August already, I'm guessing this playthrough will be a bit shorter than the last one. Following a max social links guide and overall knowing what to do is making this a lot better than last time. Also, the girl has better social links and more of a personality overall. But mostly better social links.

My other main game for this month is Suikoden 3. I am continuing my slow-ish Suikoden marathon. Started playing as Hugo and got up to his Chapter 3. I always feel like I should start with Hugo for some reason. Unlike last time I am doing each character's chapters to the end before moving to the next. So far so good. It's been like 10 years since I played the game, and I feel like I had the exact same reaction to the end of Hugo's chapter 1. It's kind of funny, since this time I know what happened.

The other games below may or may not get any significant play time this month:
Lufia: Ruins of Lore (GBA)
The World Ends With You (DS)
Dark Cloud (PS2)
Shadow Hearts (PS2)

I really should finish off Ys II since I am more than halfway through that rather short game (not Ys I short but like 10-15 hours short), but I guess I felt pretty satisfied after beating Zava that I took a break. Need to get Ys 3 also done before Celceta shows up in the mail :)

Also, the PS3 has been ordered and shipped! I should be getting it this week. There's a low chance that I'll start up Tales of Graces f this month, but I will try to finish that game up sooner than later since Xillia will be here in August.

Ah, so many games, not enough time...
Holy freaking crap it is almost April! This weekend is Sakuracon which should be awesome times and make me want to watch a ton of anime instead of playing games. But I still have some major gaming plans for April.

Suikoden 2 really didn't get any playtime this month so that's the priority for April. That, along with Okami on the Wii shall be my main games. I'll probably not go for Clive's quest in Suikoden 2 this time since I do want to take my time to savor every one of Miklotov's lines XD

What else? I'm having a bit of trouble with the vocabulary of Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki so I have been writing the script down as I have played it. So I don't think I'll get too far in it. At the start of April I'll probably wander off to play Ys II first just because Ys games are that much fun.

On the 3DS I'm still working on Fire Emblem: Awakening. More like grinding all the supports to get as many conversations as I can. It's not like the main plot is so good that I must push my way through it or else. I'm in Chapter 16 so I don't technically have a ton of chapters left, but I'll probably not finish the game this month either.

I need to get through my DS backlog, but I probably won't. And I'll probably not touch the Xbox 360 either. I will try to get into Dark Cloud. I played a little bit of it yesterday. I don't really think it's my type of game, but I want to try for a bit longer.

So in summary:
PSX - Suikoden 2
PSP - Ys II, then Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki
Wii - Okami
3DS - Fire Emblem: Awakening
PS2 - Dark Cloud

I did finish up Tales of the Abyss for the second time and Xenoblade Chronicles. Shall have "reviews" of them sooner or later...or never, if the con distracts me too much :D
I might as well post this one up early, as gaming and life has gotten into the way of posting. And I haven't really needed to rant.

The marathon game for March is Tales of the Abyss. I have played this only once before in the spring of 2008. I do remember liking the game but having a few issues with its pacing/plot. We'll see how this second run goes.

The other game focus is on Xenoblade. I just reached 100 hours yesterday so it will definitely be the game I spent the longest time playing in one play-through. I can see how a lot of that time was "filler" though, but I had a good time just exploring the world and the quests are becoming more interesting. I'm changing relationships and getting access to new places and learning more about the world! As I said in my last post, I do have a limit to how much I'll mess around here. I think I can finish this game in like 5-10 hours if I focus. I don't plan on resorting to that until the last week of March if I have to.

Otherwise, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my 3DS game. I just street-passed a few people today which was fun, but I don't think any of them were playing Fire Emblem. I will just have to keep taking the 3DS around despite how precious it is. I don't see myself getting too far in FE: A since I'm having too much fun grinding and getting supports. I also have abused the in-battle saves more than I should and reloading the game seems to randomly generate barracks conversations and sometimes random battles. I haven't even tested out the free DLC map, and may never need to. My thoughts on DLC can go into another post later.

For the PSP, I'm going to take a brief break from Shining Hearts to play Ys 1 and 2 Chronicles on the PSP even though I also have it on Steam because I love portable Ys. Then after finishing Shining Hearts (I feel like I'm at the end but I'm not?) it's off to Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. Of course, if that order comes in. It should be coming in very soon, and I'm quite excited to see it. I hear the story is good even if other mechanics were raw/underdeveloped. Oh, and I'll be starting Suikoden 2 as part of my main series marathon! I almost forgot :) It's been like 8 years since I played Suikoden 2? That is definitely way too long...


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