Finished the game a few days ago. It's a pretty addictive game and really works well as a handheld game. Sometimes I'd play for a few hours at at time, but I definitely spent the majority of the time playing in short spurts.

So why is this game so addicting? Well, there are two main reasons. First is all the customization you can do to your recruited characters. You get characters at a certain class but it's relatively easy (and pretty inexpensive) to reclass the characters. This can modify what weapons they attack with as well as what skills they can equip.

Second, the game allows you to get tons of supports for each character, and the supports tend to be funny but sometimes pretty touching. For someone like me who likes to learn all about characters even if the character is a walking trope, playing lots of random battles, Bonus Box battles, etc. let me get lots of supports between characters, usually unlocking one or more new conversations after every battle. Yes, support level upgrading is really fast, especially between certain units like the avatar and Chrom. Pairing up can speed this process and also help get supports for characters (in the support role) that you'd probably not use otherwise because their stats suck. Also, supports all the way up to S level allows two characters (only opposite sex in this game) to marry. The first generation parents can have kids with S support, and (not a huge spoiler) the kids can also support. This is why the game is also called Fire Emblem: Dating Sim XD

So I've covered the addiction aspect, but I think there is one other good aspect to the game that needs emphasis. The addition of Casual mode, being able to summon enemies to fight via bonus box, and the outrealm gate allow a player to customize their difficulty experience even more over the given difficulty levels at the beginning. I personally played on Hard/Casual and abused the mid-battle save system. Sometimes I was still screwed enough that I had the start a battle completely over, but sometimes I just wanted to redo one move. Of course, it got a little ridiculous as I wanted to see support hearts for every action, so I didn't always redo a move to save someone from dying...

Cons? Well, there's one major one: the plot. I think myaru did a great job explaining how flimsy the main plot is. Outside of the supports, there are really only a few scenes that seemed really touching. The plot also seems very predictable save for a few moments in the late game (at least for me), and some of the more emotional moments from the beginning/middle part of the game are cheapened by certain paralogues. Also, for a game where the gameplay really emphasizes good tactics, the main plot doesn't appear to employ such good tactics. The way you get out of most situations seems to be a sign of how you are supposed to defeat the hardest of difficulties: with a whole bunch of luck.

Overall I recommend the game for anyone who likes tactical RPGs in general, especially if they like to give themselves self-imposed challenges, customize their characters, or likes a little dating sim added into their game. I think that should cover most people who are even thinking about getting this game. If plot nonsense, stock character types, and tons of customization potential are things you can't handle, then stay away from this game no matter how good other people say it is.
This game...why do I have such completionist goals for it? Obviously I can't unlock all the supports in one run, but I am still addicted to getting as many as I can...

Main plot...what main plot? XD

I think Tharja might be my favorite character. The characters in this game seemed to be defined by a few major character traits that end up showing up in most of their supports, and Tharja is no exception. Some characters' supports suffer because of that (Kellam's invisible skills are severely overused), but for Tharja she puts on some fun hexes on everyone. Also she openly stalks me which is great :) [Only in a game context, of course.]

Other favorite characters include Miriel, Henry, Maribelle, Lissa, Gaius, and Lon'qu.

I put a list of all the people I've paired up under the cut and how much I actually ship them.
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I haven't stepped into Awakening fandom yet since I've yet to beat the game, but are there certain ships that I should be championing? Shipping wars? Also, I'm kind of annoyed that it's always the guy asking the girl in these supports. If there is one where the opposite happens, let me know that too.

I actually don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to be spending all this time playing Fire Emblem: Awakening since I have the purdy 3DS associated with it, but it's more that I want to finish some other games too. I can't get off my butt to play Okami, because the TV is so far away from my bed...


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