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Today I finished the Valkyrie storyline, or Gwendolyn's path, and started on the Pooka Prince storyline. I have a few things to say about the game so far.

Gameplay-wise, it's what I expected after playing Muramasa. The battle system I think is a bit better because there are more skills you can play around with during battle instead of being limited to three swords with three skills. Gwendolyn is a pretty good combo-master compared to Cornelius so far.

Spoilers below.

Since I've finished Gwendolyn's path, I have to say the sparsity of the story is what I expected from Muramasa, but I was a bit disappointed in how rather straightforward it is? Not because it's just "beat up the bad guys" but more like everyone is just so extreme in their actions. Extremely angry, extremely wanting power, extremely in love? It was a bit weird. Though Gwendolyn herself is the focus so she gets to be more than just angry or in romantic love. Her struggle over her father's lover versus Oswald's love at least gives us a chance to see her actually do some thinking. Ultimately it seems to be (so far) a happy ending for her which she definitely earned (props to her). Oswald's dramatics were pretty dramatic, though the plot has the excuse of "well I had no feelings at all and now I suddenly feel feelings I'm kinda overwhelmed here". He is playable later on, I believe, so I wonder he'll get some needed depth.

So far with Cornelius he started off as some fool trying to throw everything away for love (at least he gave off that impression) but with his current situation he obviously has a few other things to worry about. I hope his character gets more depth too, otherwise I really don't care about him at the moment. He isn't as fun to play as Gwendolyn, either, because he doesn't combo (at least in my hands) as well.

Anyway, I'll be continuing to enjoy the game for battling at the least. I'm not far enough to judge the story/world as a whole but so far it's more serviceable and less compelling.
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