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This year I went to Japan in September and really gave myself a backlog because I bought 21 games... So December will hopefully be the month of making a dent into my backlog so it doesn't seem ridiculous. I might as well list what I might potentially finish instead of a set list, because the set list will probably not stick.

Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X. I just need to get my PSP working again and I can finish this game in like 5 or 10 hours. I'm at the third to last dungeon I think.

White Knight Chronicles. I have just the last dungeon to do. I actually don't really like the battle system in the game but what makes it more annoying is how there are just so many monsters on the screen that you have to deal with getting from plot point to plot point. I put on some Spanish subtitles and it was good Spanish practice.

Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy. I've gotten to 8-star missions so I should be getting close to the end. However the game has gotten more and more dungeon crawling with little direction and plot points less close together, so I can't really estimate how long it will take to finish.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Story-wise I believe I have two dungeons left, but the game is being annoying right now about status effects. Plus I still haven't decided if I'm going to go after the true ending here or not. I might do some grinding for souls & money while listening to podcasts or something before making the final push.

Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. I'm at Chapter 12 Gaiden so I am just under halfway through the game. I'm following a guide so I can get the true ending. Like it so far; Lilina with Roy as her support is pretty awesome.

Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution aka the vita enhanced version of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky First Chapter. I've made it to Chapter 2 now. I know what to do, mostly, but I also want to get all the bonuses from Bracer Ranks I can to import into SC.

DRRR!! Relay - This is the vita-exclusive sequel to DRRR!! Alley, text adventure games based on the DRRR!! series. I can't tell how long this second game is but I am enjoying it so far.

Atelier Eilie - Atelier games are addictive and in this game you can really eat up days. Like one place I've unlocked so far takes 20 days just to get to! In one sitting I went almost an entire year and the game is about 4 years unless I manage to be good enough to get an extension. In a review I read there are 13 possible endings! I guess that's a good tradeoff for a game that has short time limits but too many possible ways to get around.

Speaking of Atelier, I'm probably going to make a decent dent into Atelier Ayesha Plus which I just got on a sale recently, since I have Escha & Logy Plus on preorder. I just started the Atelier craze this year and for some reason I'm not sick of them at all. Rorona Plus was amazingly fun for me, while Lise was a mixed bag mostly due to the battle mechanics.

The only new game I plan to play in December is Xenoblade Chronicles X. I heard the story isn't as good in this game as the previous and the characters not as charming either, but I still want to pilot around New Los Angeles (or whatever) in a giant robot. I'm sure there will still be some classic Xeno moments in the game. It's too bad it can't be as good as Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenosaga, but it was probably someone trying to play the story too safe...


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