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Tokyo Xanadu does not shy away from anime and light novel stereotypes at all. All of these characters could be slot into another game without changing much backstory. The combination is interesting, though.

The main character Kou has one type of main character qualities - wants to help everybody, super protective of anyone he considers a friend, gets along well with both boys and girls, is relatively good at multiple things, never gives up, etc. What I like about him is he doesn't give up because he's super optimistic or enthusiastic but by being stubborn.

The second main character Asuka is the foreigner with inside knowledge stereotype. She also fits the "gets along with people well but also isolated" stereotype. In most games she would be the only one in the group like this, but then we get...

Mitsuki, the student council president, the sole heir to a powerful Japanese business, and also the leader of a second secret society with also all the inside knowledge. I think it's cool to have a second one; the party is way more knowledgeable about the situation, albeit revealed reluctantly as the whole "strange" world is not something they would want most people to know about.

Then we get the typical genki, punching & kicking genki girl in Sora. Her lines are probably the most predictable of all the characters. Still, she is acknowledged as being the fastest and maybe the best fighter of them all without the Soul Devices, though Shio is also pretty good.

Because Shio was the "delinquent", orphaned and made a gang with his best buddy Kazuma. He also gets the tragic backstory of Kazuma being killed by a rival gang. He's the best cook of the group, training at a soba shop. He gets the stereotypical slow but most powerful weapon.

We also have the tech nerd in Yuuki. His lines are amusing but maybe because I can deal with all the gaming analogies he uses later on. His tsundere-ness with his sister is cute, even if that is also another stereotype. His rich background, living alone due to estrangement with his Dad is also another common backstory for his type.

Finally for the main 7 there is Rion. Yay for idols! Of course she's a flirt and of course Kou does not know of her as an idol until their "accidental" meeting. About half of idols I see in anime are super confident and nothing gets them down, while the other half are actually not confident at all, so her moment of crisis is not a surprise. I do like how her backstory actually works with the plot, considering she enters the party so late.

And maybe the biggest character collecting surprise, despite not being far from a stereotype himself, is Gorou. A teacher who is also a military person who joined the school to teach because he needed to be close to the happenings? I think the fact that we have 2 very knowledgeable representatives of underground groups working on the strange world was already a surprise; getting a 3rd one is quite interesting. Especially since he's like an "antagonist" for most of the game. He gives off teacher/leader vibes that sound to me sometimes to overshadow Kou's words, even if it is rephrasing Kou's words. It brings an interesting dynamic since Kou is still the ultimate leader of the 8.

I could go on about other characters (there are a lot in this game!) but I think I'll stop for now.


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