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So a few weeks ago I was pretty excited about going back to Michigan to see my parents and my aunts who will be visiting for two of the three weeks I am there. Then about 2 weeks ago over Skype my parents were not only worried that this video game testing job was a scam (even after I visited their office and saw legit news postings on them) but that I should move back to Michigan where I would be working like I would magically have a job there or something that I couldn't find here in Seattle. Then they yelled at my sister during the same phone call when she told them she finally got a job. I just don't understand. Also I'm very worried that the last week with my parents might turn ugly. I'm pretty much not telling them anything about this video game testing job now and focusing on my failure to get into the pharmaceutical industry. Somehow that makes them happier though they rather I started med school right now, like I could turn back time and have figured this all out by now. They do not understand that I would have had to apply for med school last fall to enroll this fall...

But yeah, since I'm away from my apartment for 3 weeks, I'll be gaming on portables and on my phone. I found some free otome & BL games to play and figured out which ones I can actually play for free and which ones only have a free intro. Playing them in Japanese since I should keep working on them. I also started up Bravely Default in German to up my German vocab lists, but it's pretty ugh to play it again after only a few months. New Game+ makes it a lot more bearable though, so I can just pump up my word lists instead of caring about tactics.

I haven't decided if I'm taking my Vita (leaning towards no), so my other 3DS/DS games I'll take include SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, where I'm at Day 5, 7th Dragon, Tokimeki Girls Side, and Chrono Trigger. Taking SD card-sized games is not a heavy burden after all. Someone on Suikoden Day found that if she got the main character of Tokimeki GS1 to join the brass band, they play a Suikoden song during the culture festival. I pretty much need to replay the game for that. I mean, I guess I could try harder to date the boys, but after learning I needed to touch the screen a lot with my stylus to get hearts, I'm kind of weirded out to be honest...

At least Tales of Xillia 2 has come in (finally), so I will have a Tales of Xillia-filled future to look forward to.


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