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I'm not sure why I continue to wake up around 6:30 AM but it gives me time for gaming in the morning. That means I should have a pretty productive gaming month which is hopefully dampened a bit because I get a job and not for any other reason. If I'm honest I could always wait another month before working, except eventually I will run out of money. But mostly, I just hate my parents being on my case still and well, the longer I am unemployed the worse it looks.

Anyway, the focus game of August is Resonance of Fate. I'll be starting that game later today. I plan to finish it sooner than later because I have yet to replay Tales of Xillia and I also want to do that before Tales of Xillia 2 comes. Which will probably be September for me since I am using free shipping off Amazon.

That means Ar tonelico 3 is on hold for now. Aoto at least has moved past his awful statements about Mute and appears to fully recognize Mute with female pronouns. Thank god. It's still not a game with a good cast, though.

I plan to finish Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance in the next few days. Doing a battle or two a day will take me to the finish early next week. I'm obsessed with keeping everyone alive, so sometimes a chapter takes like half a day. I'm still not the most careful person...

This is what will be loaded in the rest of my systems, though I am not sure just how much progress I'll make in any of them this month.

GBA - Breath of Fire
DS - Suikoden Tierkreis Spanish. I really should just finish this playthrough and move on to 7th Dragon or Chrono Trigger
3DS - SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked
PSP - Frontier Gate. Pretty bare-minimum plot from what I can see. Good for late night relaxing.
Vita - Tales of Hearts R. Putting VLR back on hold. I do like VLR except I don't like making Ambidex Game choices that I don't want to make, except it's necessary in order to get the full story. Plus, I need to add more words to my Japanese flashcard deck.
Xbox360 - Magna Carta 2
Emulators - Wild ARMs 2 and Xenosaga
PC - Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World

According to my backloggery, I have beaten 107 games and have 62 in my backlog. I'm feeling pretty good about being able to reduce the size of my backlog. Of course, it's a lot larger if I started to count games I want to play and still do not own. But the next goal of <50 games in my owned backlog is getting closer, one beaten game at a time :)


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