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Path of Radiance is my third Fire Emblem game after Sacred Stones and Awakening and I'm just impressed by the story and especially the characters and Tellius. And maybe a good reason why this game is so much better than the others is because I like the main cast a lot. I came into the game pretty much only knowing about the Ike/Soren ship popularity but it's hard to tell from the outside whether it was a popular ship due to Lord/Tactician shipping that happens in other FE games or if it was something special. I found that, so far through Chapter 23, Ike/Soren have a lovely dynamic. Also I think I'm incredibly in love with Soren. I just love the way he talks and presents himself, even if it is super blunt and rude. It doesn't hurt that he seems to be super overpowered in my playthrough. He could probably solo a map if I wanted him to. Of course, I'm also taking advantage of Easy Mode to play around with a bunch of characters. It's rather forgiving thankfully.

I didn't go out of my way to avoid fanfiction once I got the urge to read it, even though I haven't finished the game. Still, I think there's little chance now that Soren will be moved down from my favorite character to ship with Ike. It's probably mostly due to how much I love Soren and how he really doesn't have any viable ships outside of Ike, at least in Path of Radiance. I haven't tried too hard to get Soren and Stefan supports, mostly because I'm too busy keeping Ike and Soren together on the map. Still, even the non-support conversations between Ike and Soren show just how much respect and trust they have for each other. Though I can easily read this ship is platonic too. I have no strong feelings either way.

Ike/Elincia is also a pretty obvious pairing though I don't like it as much since Ike seems pretty "cool" towards her. I mean, it's not necessarily a bad thing as he is (up through Chapter 23) just treating her like some good person he wants to protect. I haven't even really felt too much friendship between them, let alone romance. Well, Elincia appears to address Ike in a special way which makes the ship work from her side, but I don't see Ike as someone who would enter a relationship where he doesn't give equal "respect" to. Like I feel like he thinks of her as much as he thinks of Mist, like someone he spends more time worrying and (over)protecting than letting stand on her own. The game has some chapters and a sequel to help change my mind, of course.

I've seen Ike/Lethe but I just haven't used that many laguz in this playthrough. I'm too scared to put them out against laguz weapons, I guess. Anyway, I haven't used Lethe much so I haven't gotten much of her supports, and considering she isn't that involved in the main story there's not a ton else to see with her outside of that. Still, from what I remember of her, she is a tough female who is maybe a bit too easily riled up. I can certainly see her and Ike getting along, but I see it as a relationship that takes time to develop. I am definitely interested in reading their support convos once I finish PoR.

I haven't seen too much Ike/Reyson but this ship intrigues me because it has this feeling of "fate" written over it. Also, Reyson is incredibly gorgeous. Let me move on before I get too distracted by his beauty...

I've seen a little Ike/Mia but for me Mia is probably too busy looking for rivals that actually have time for her, and Ike probably doesn't have that. Maybe in some universe it could happen. Still, it's another ship where I could see some parts of their personalities matching up, but I think it is ultimately more of a friendship than a romantic ship as they could just be practice buddies and hang out buddies.

Speaking of hangout buddies, I totally bro-ship hardcore Ike/Ranulf. Ranulf just seems excited and pumped about stuff with a hint of seriousness underneath. He is good at picking up on things and spinning them positive. At least, that's the vibe I get from him. He'd be a great, supportive friend for Ike, while Ike gives him honesty and innocence which he likes (sometimes to make fun of as well, which Ike doesn't mind). He just came back to us in Chapter 23 so I'm happy, though sadly only a few chapters are left in PoR...

I'm not sure what to think of Ike/Titania. I feel like Titania looks at him in a motherly way, so I rather ship her with someone who is older, like Rhys. I think Ike would also rather Titania continue as an experienced advisor in work matters and maybe a mother/mentor in private matters, while Titania maintains her respect for Greil and nurtures his son like she is bringing Greil's plans to fruition. Once again there's potential I think for this ship to possibly change in dynamic after PoR, where I believe Ike will have been deemed "fully mature" at the end. Still, I think I prefer the mother/son-ish dynamic just because I want Ike to feel like he still sort of has a parent.

I think I've covered the major Ike ships I've seen on FF.net and Ao3. I have yet to search FE fic on LJ so I don't know if there's something missing there. I have seen Ike/Micaiah which means there is potentially new ships for Ike in Radiant Dawn, but it'll be a while before I can get to that as I don't have access to a copy of that game. If only my brother had it stowed away so I could just borrow it from him...

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Oh wow... I so want to play PoR again now, since it's been forever. ^^;;

Soren was definitely my fave. I even have a little framed picture of him around somewhere from when I was first decorating here. *laughs*

My kitty laguz were always really strong and could usually critical, but I get the feeling everyone's game does radically different stuff with stats. ^^;; I used Lethe a lot, iirc.

Always will have a soft spot for Ike/Reyson, because yeaaaah, Reyson. He was so hard to put out on a map because he's so fragile, but I just loved his character.

For Elincia, Lucia. Lucia was such a power-house for me at the end.

Good luck finding a copy of Radiant Dawn, iirc the price on it got ridiculous (I was lucky to buy it when it came out). Nintendo would be printing gold if they'd do a 2-pack of it and PoR for Wii U or something. *headshake*

Date: 2014-08-02 02:11 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kalloway
Yeah, Reyson just... he's such a good idea but not actually useful. ^^;;

Oh, the end chapters... yeah, you get a bunch of folks. (And oh gods Ena....) I think I just went with who seemed to hit hard. One of the chapters after Lucia, I must have reset a few dozen times. I'm guessing you're doing a no-death playthru?

Alas, apparently RD makes a lot more of PoR make sense. I still need to finish it one of the days. Or just spend some time re-playing both.


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