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Well, I'm still unemployed so I wish that meant more gaming/day, but I'm still pretty stressed about this job stuff and potential career changing. At least I should be better this month with sports distractions mostly done (like World Cup).

Hopefully this month I get back to some things that have sort of been pushed aside, like the Xenosaga replay, Wild ARMs 2, and Pandora's Tower. I also want to replay Tales of Xillia with Milla's path this month in preparation for Tales of Xillia 2 which comes out next month! I haven't really picked up new games this year and I am REALLY EXCITED about that one.

Anyway, I bought my first game off of PSN on Friday - The Legend of Dragoon (PSOne Classic). I spent at least an hour trying to download it from my PS3 to my PSP with no luck. Well, it's okay for the big screen but with PS1 animations battles end up taking their time. I'll probably want to load up on podcasts or things to do while playing it. I plan to finish this game this month, while the others I'm not sure about.

I've gotten back into Virtue's Last Reward so I might actually go for all the endings in a timely manner. Or I might get sidetracked. I got a second ending a few days ago. Working on the middle branches at the moment.

On my 3DS I am playing SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked. I'm enjoying it so far. Definitely playing through it because of the story/mystery. The battle system is decent. I probably still prefer Persona 3/4 over it though I am early on in the game still. I certainly think the balance is way better than what I got from SMT IV. So yeah, definitely enjoying it more than that.

On my PSP I finished off Shining Ark so now I started Frontier Gate. I picked this one up for 500 Yen so I'm not worried about wasting my money. So far I have only designed my character (purple-haired female because I could and because green wasn't looking right with the face/skin I chose) and done the first quest. I think the game is supposed to be fulfilling quests and eventually "carving out a future" or something. Nothing special about it so far so I'll probably take it slow.

I'm still somewhat playing Ar Tonelico 3 even though Aoto likes to say offensive things and the battle system is kinda of lame since I still love Cosmosphere stuff. I don't know if I'm overlooking stuff because it's from Japanese video game developers and I don't think they are trying to be particularly malicious with the transphobia and heavy gender stereotyping of Aoto, but it makes me wary of the next Ar game. Also I don't know if this crap gets into the Atelier series too but I really hope it doesn't since the games otherwise look good to me.

Finally I just restarted my playthrough of Magna Carta 2. Well, I barely got anywhere the first time so I decided that I could replay 2 hours of stuff. It's supposed to be way better than Magna Carta 1 and I like the characters so far. The annoyances I had with MC1 took a while to really feel them, so I hope to not have the same experience this time. Battle system being faster/more involved is a good start at least.

Wow, long post is long. When I stop being lazy, I'll write something more than gaming updates.
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