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I keep saying that I'll post on something like character designs or game impressions or something, but instead I keep doing that somewhere else and instead just give you monthly updates on what I'm playing. I guess that's better than forgetting to post altogether...

In June I plan to finally tackle Radiant Historia. As in play the actual game myself. I think it's been long enough since I watched an LP of it that I can not get distracted so early on, though I will still know spoilers. I've learned to trust in Atlus to rerelease rarer games now, so I don't plan to watch an LP because I don't think I can afford the game later anymore.

I just finished 999 yesterday (all endings!) so I'll be starting Virtue's Last Reward on my Vita probably later today. I'm putting Tales of Hearts R on hold since I'm still working on Drakengard 3 (why did I spend my money on upgrading weapons I didn't use instead of buying all the weapons? All that money I need to get before Branch D...) The controls are pretty much opposite from each other so I'm going to prioritize Drakengard 3 for now.

I finally restarted my playthrough of Wild ARMs 2. It's still not bad but not good. I just don't care for the main cast. It's probably among some of my least favorite casts in JRPGs, since I usually find someone I like.

I took a small break from my Xenosaga replay but I'll be going back to it. I'm really loving the game though I forgot just how many cutscenes there are! It looks pretty good on my emulator too, and I get to take advantage of save states :)

On my PSP I have Shining Ark. I'm using it for Japanese practice and the game is so far really easy. It also has a lot of mindless quests/events to get through before actual stuff happens, which kind of reminds me of Atelier Iris 3 or Shining Hearts. Except the main plot points don't seem to have a point yet? I'm glad I only got this game for 500 yen because it looked way better on Siliconera articles than in reality.

I want to get back to Magna Carta 2 but I probably won't have too much time for it this month. Still, it's more interesting than Infinite Undiscovery, so it's my Xbox360 game of the moment.

Finally I was going to play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance since I borrowed my brother's copy of it. However when he gave me the Wii he forgot to give me a GameCube memory card. Being the busy person he is I don't know when I'll next visit him, but I figured I should save that money and put it towards Child of Light when it comes out on Vita in July.


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