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April went by pretty fast for me, considering I am unemployed and all. It's nice to not do a ton each day, but at the same time, I didn't do much. Therefore my backlog is still pretty big. I at least finished Bravely Default, including all the blue exclamation points. I'll leave talking about that game to another post.

Anyway I think my PS2 won't be reading anything soon, which really bums me out since I was really getting into Ar tonelico 2. That game has one active battle system and I was just getting better at the timing. By the time I get back to it, I'll probably have to retrain myself completely. Oh well... As for the other systems, I should get back to my other console games, but I've been watching too much anime instead. If I get back to the consoles I have:

PS3 - Ni No Kuni. Fighting the AI more than the enemies. The game isn't hard otherwise. As for the plot, it feels both unnecessarily chatty as well as kind of questy. I'm just really not into this game, so who knows how much I will get done this month.
Wii - I failed to replay The Last Story, so I really should get back to Pandora's Tower. Or I could use my Wii to play some Gamecube games like Skies of Arcadia. Hmm...
Xbox360 - I am supposed to get through Infinite Undiscovery at some point? But Magna Carta 2 looks more appealing. Hmm...

I'll probably be more successful gaming on my handhelds, where I am probably doing my best progressing through Sol Trigger. It looks like I moved on to part 2 of a game which would otherwise have been on the short side (20 hours for the first part for me, which would probably mean 10-15 without the dictionary). I also have

3DS - using the DS reading ability to play 999. My only non-beaten 3DS game is Devil Survivor Overclocked, which will come after I get the other 5 endings of 999.
DS - continuing my Spanish replay of Suikoden Tierkreis. I had totally forgotten about the snowy village of Tenoh which is on the way to the Porpos-kin. My memory of this game is worse than I thought.
Vita - slowly working through Tales of Hearts R. I feel like taking my time in it for some reason. Not because it's bad, but I have spent my 30'-hour Japanese gaming mostly on Sol Trigger. Once I beat Sol Trigger I'll probably concentrate on Tales of Hearts R. At least I have made it far enough to have 5 people in my party. I'm sure there will be more, as it feels too early in the game for recruiting to have stopped.

But yeah, I think I'm due for a post on character fashion again. Gotta discuss those outfits in Bravely Default and Sol Trigger!


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