Jun. 5th, 2016

I know I haven't written here in a long time. I will get back into the habit I think as I just want to rant away about characters. Like Sorey/Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria). I will be making my way through that game, though Odin Sphere is going to distract me very soon.
Odin Sphere will be the main focus, once it comes in. Otherwise I am in the middle of a few things including

Tales of Zestiria. About 10 hours in. Like all the characters so far. Not that into the plot, though.

Trails in the Sky SC. Playing the Evo version and currently in Chapter 8. I plan to beat it before the 3rd Evo makes it here. Really good addition to FC, unbalanced as a standalone though.

Project X Zone 2. I'm on Chapter 34 right now? Exactly what I expected. I'll be continuing to play through slowly.

On Fridays I've been playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I just keep dying in Binding Blade Chapter 14. I miss having an easy mode. Thus, Shadow Dragon for now...

I'm also going to give a few hours for replaying games. I just got into Phase 2 of Ar tonelico (Misha's path again, I can't help it, though I never got her 2nd ending) and I started Chapter 2 of Tokyo Xanadu. Also, a tree just burned in Suikoden.


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